About Us

  • Why am I here?
  • Is this all I will ever have?
  • Can I make an impact on this world before I die?
  • Is there hope to escape the setbacks I am currently facing?



These are deep philosophical questions that have challenged thinkers for eons of time. Unfortunately not everyone will attain the answers to these questions. Some come close by the pursuit of religious practices, the establishment of businesses and even starting a family, but still fall short of the realisation of happiness or why they were placed in the universe at this particular moment in time.

Have you ever met those people who seem to want hardly anything out of life but food and a roof over their head who try to make you feel guilty for wanting to achieve greater success than they have? Their’s nothing wrong with you for wanting to achieve more out of life if it will effect humanity positively. You are the way you are because their is a hunger in you to grow, excel, succeed  and achieve. Unfortunately having such a hunger or dream doesn’t guarantee you will easily attain the results you desire. The graveyard is full of dreams and goals that never crossed the threshold of mens thoughts and intentions.

Warrior House is an online training, coaching and inspirational community that offers the enlightenment of Professional and Spiritual Development. The difference between the majority of successful people and those who die with great potential is mentoring, tutoring and guidance.

 Our mission therefore is to educate, inspire and facilitate the realisation of dreams that bring peace, wealth and wellbeing to those who are pursuing something more to life than they are currently experiencing and thereby make the world for some a better place. So if your life seems to you like you are out of place maybe it is because you are? You have a decision to make, continue to fight that gnawing feeling that tells you that you are exiled from your dreams and goals or get help to realise them?

If having a better life in the areas of, relationships, spiritual growth, business, health and fitness sounds appealing to you, then you are in the right place. Warrior House offers a trusted network of proven life coaches, Christian ministers, authors, nutrition experts, fitness coaches and business people, who have been in the public eye for decades with testimonials all over the globe of people they have inspired, taught and coached. This  means you get our combined experience in our fields of expertise that will bring you success springing from the wisdom we package in our conferences, coaching and teaching materials.

In addition to our materials we include examinations as a method of monitoring your learning process. Unlike many other training portals, we believe that assessments help you understand what you have learned. So we won’t just give you the information and leave you out in the cold, we will also test your understanding to see how much you have retained and understood.

Warrior House also provides free inspirational TV shows to help inspire you through the stories and music of others.

So put off procrastination and decide today to live life the hard way or live life having received wisdom, knowledge and understanding as if drinking from a tap. Decide to give yourself the edge others don’t have access to, make up your mind to be motivated to live without limits, or remain in mental imprisonment, to work hard or smart.

We are are here for you to become part of a generation that is ushering in “A New Era of Intelligence.”