How To Achieve Your Business Goals

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Do you have a list of  business goals that you would like to achieve, but don’t really know how to get started?  Sometimes it can seem like a laborious process to even begin.  However, the reality is that planning for today could prevent wasting precious time being unproductive in the years to come.   

The Bible tells us in Luke 14:28 that if we desire to build a “tower” that we first need to sit down and count the cost to complete it.  We can also paraphrase by saying that it is wise to plan ahead when building a company or organization in order to help it thrive and prosper.

The following are some tips that can help ensure that you are on track in order to accomplish your organizational ambitions at a much faster pace:

Tips To Achieve Your Goals

1.  Ensure That Your Targets Are “SMART”.
  SMART is an acronym for a strategy that is “specific”, “measurable”, “achievable”, “relevant”, and ”time-bound”.  For example, suppose that your SMART target is:  “I want to increase February sales by 20 percent.  I will do this by offering a 5 percent discount on all of my wholesale widgets.”   This is a well-written objective that satisfies all of the SMART criteria.  Let’s take a more detailed look at what the SMART acronym actually means:

I.  Definition of SMART:

A.  Specific – When developing your objectives, you should consider them from every aspect.  Look at the “who”, “what”, “when”, “where”, “why” and “how” when developing your plans.

B.  Measurable – In order to know when you have successfully reached your target, you will need to include a numerical way to measure your accomplishments.  The example listed above is measurable because the desired result is “to increase sales by 20 percent by offering a 5 percent discount”.  You will be able to measure your goals at the end of the month by reviewing your records to determine if your sales actually increased by 20 percent.  If not, then you can brainstorm in order to find alternative methods to bring about or change your approach.

 [pullquote]The Bible tells us in Luke 14:28 that if we desire to build a “tower” that we first need to sit down and count the cost to complete it.  We can also paraphrase by saying that it is wise to plan ahead when building a company or organization in order to help it thrive and prosper.”[/pullquote]

C.  Achievable – A well-written statement will ensure that you have the budget and the other resources that are needed to accomplish your purpose.  You can change your purpose or set a new one if you happen to run across too many roadblocks that make the “big picture” unattainable.  Likewise, you can ask

yourself if you can take on the commitments that are needed in order to reach your desired destination.

D.  Relevant – You will need to make sure that your plan is directly tied to your company’s strategic plan, which is a written document that articulates your company’s strategy for achieving its mission statement. SMART aspirations are like the “brick and mortar” that will help you determine the necessary steps to accomplish your strategic plan.

E.  Time-bound – In order to set your company up for success, be sure to set a realistic deadline that you can complete.1

II.  Accountability:

Another very important thing to keep in mind in order to reach your goals is to make sure that someone is held accountable for the results.  The fact is that you may have several specific actions that are needed in order to reach your mark.  There are various tools available that you can use to help manage employee performance.  Please refer to the document entitled, “10 Goal Setting & Tracking Tools To Keep You Motivated”.2

Performance Management

If you will link your SMART ideas together with your performance management process, then you will automatically have a great way to reward and recognize your employees for successfully meeting your company’s objectives.3

Also, by using the SMART concept, you will have an objective way to help protect your company if an employee ever decides to retaliate due to a suspension or discharge because of poor performance.  If you are ever faced with a lawsuit or mediation session, then you will be very glad that you have viable records in hand to help substantiate your case.

So remember that having a good plan is a very important way to fulfill your purpose, make money, reward your employees, and protect your company all at the same time.  So, what are you waiting for?  Simply grab a piece of paper or electronic device/app and start achieving your goals for 2015 today!


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