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Posted: 08/03/2017 01:03GMT | Updated: 6 years ago

The Future Of Content Marketing 
Rests In Valuable Video Production

Content Marketing is a technique used to create content that is pertinent, reliable, and valuable in order to attract customers that help increase the profit of your company.1 In fact, having valuable content is so important that 85% of marketers in Europe regularly use it in a strategic fashion in order to enhance their profit margins, based on a 2015 benchmark report produced by the Content Marketing Institute.2 Even more fascinating is that by the year 2017, it is estimated that video will compose a whopping 69% of all internet online purchases. So, this means that even small businesses will need to add video marketing to their mix if they hope to be competitive in business. 

The good news is that the cost of production has decreased, and you can use an application such as Twitter’s Vine to get the job done. This app has a clip length of six seconds. However, in order to acquire a good return on your investment, please keep the following tips in mind: 

Tips To Increase Your Profit Margin By Video 

1. Ensure that you are reaching the right audience. Watching videos is naturally appealing, so it is essential to offer content that is easy to grasp or else viewers will quickly move on to the next company’s video. However, it is also important to keep in mind that the use of video marketing must be appropriate for the target market that you are trying to reach or else you are wasting money and time. 

2. Make Good Use of Social Media. You want to take advantage of social media outlets and be sure to endorse them across many channels. Your company information needs to be easy to find as well as to share. In addition, you do not want to overlook the use of mobiles in your marketing. In fact, according to Ooyala, one tenth of all videos are actually viewed on tablets and mobile phones. It is interesting to note that YouTube receives over one billion viewers each month, which is more than any other medium counted separately from Facebook. In fact, one out of three people living in Britain tend to view at least one video online, which equates to an audience of over 20 million people each week just in the UK.

3. Be Creative. You will need to be original in your company marketing campaign as well as the videos that you create. Being imaginative always wins over the amount of money that you invest to produce a video.3

So, the bottom line is that in order to keep your company afloat, you will most likely need to add video marketing to your list of profitable techniques. Since more than 50% of companies are already using this, and with 64% of marketers anticipating that videos will dominate in the future,3 it only makes good business sense to get in the game and start looking at viable options as they relate to your company.

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