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Popular 2016 Ecommerce Trends To Help 
Turn “Clicks” Into “Sales”

The year of 2016 is expected to bring about several new Ecommerce trends, and this could mean more profits for your business. Since the average person is expected to spend $1,738 online next year, based on a report prepared by, it is more important than ever that your business is prepared for the technological upsurge.1

In fact, in the UK alone, mobile shopping is expected to grow at nearly four times the rate of conventional online shopping. So, this translates into an annual increase of 36% in mobile spending when compared to only 10% for traditional online purchases. This is important to note especially since Smart watches and other types of wearable technology are gaining ground very rapidly.

The following is a list of tips that you can use in order to help drive more business your way in the coming year:

Popular Ecommerce Trends For 2016:

1. Be Prepared For Consumers Who Shop With Numerous Types Of Devices. The typical household already has 7.4 internet-compatible devices. In addition, approximately four out of ten homes have bought a tablet recently. So, Ecommerce stores need to be flexible in anticipating that shoppers will use different methods to shop for purchases. For example, a person could very easily come across your web page for the first time on a desktop PC, then browse your product line again by mobile phone, check out a specific design and color of one of your products by iPad or Android, and actually make the final purchase on their laptop. Another interesting fact is that shoppers who use mobile devices tend to buy 66% more than those who buy in a conventional brick and mortar store. So, you need to ensure that your website is compatible with touch controls, high resolution, and other necessities. Likewise, you can easily view Google Analytics to determine how many people are actually checking out your web site by way of mobile devices. In addition, approximately 75% of consumers examine products both on the internet and in the store before actually making the final purchase. This is important to keep in mind when designing the best strategy to acquire the most shoppers who will spend money with your company.2

2. Consider Adding A Customer Loyalty Program. A loyalty program is used to reward dependable customers with promotions and special sales. You can reach out to your faithful customers via newsletters, emails, and social media messages to help build awareness of your particular brand online.3 

3. Offer Personalized Services To Get The Sale. Shoppers are looking for products that are specifically tailor-made to suit them. In fact, today’s consumers are collectively referred to as the “internet of me” era. The reality is that consumers only spend 20-30 seconds in order to decide whether to buy your product or leave your website and never return based on Netflix statistics. So, if you provide pertinent content based on your customer’s search history and make the shopping experience personalized by offering products and deals that are specific to them, then you have the best chance of getting their attention.3

In addition, many companies are specifically focusing on personalizing the shopping experience for customers who have already deserted their online shopping baskets. Various features will be used to entice the customer such as customized email, updated prices on the website, and location information to help with future purchases. In addition, customers will be able to modify their products by sizes, colors, and other filters. Companies will also be using newsletters, deals, and promotions to help build a personal shopping experience with customers. When you actually find out why customers abandon their shopping carts in the first place, then you will be able to develop strategies that will get them back and help increase your overall conversion rate.

4. Consider Engaging The Chinese Market. Since China recently permitted foreign businesses to engage in ecommerce companies, the market is growing rapidly. In fact, it was reported that China’s commerce sales have recently exceeded the U.S. Since global ecommerce is slated to grow so quickly, your web designs will need to provide information about your products in Chinese along with other preferences to help engage them if you want to break into this new market. Your specific product features, styles, and layout will also need to be taken into consideration. 

5. Focus On Results Instead Of Features. People want to know what your product can do for them and why they should buy it. So, you need to ensure that your marketing materials focus on results instead of the features of your product. This involves letting your customers know why they should choose your product over the competitors and also grouping similar items together on your web site and in the store in order to get the most sales.2 For more information, please see the web site.5

In summary, it is imperative that you know your target audience. You should seek to focus on their personal preferences, needs, and habits in order to clinch the sale. If you know the particular locations, demographics, ages, and habits of your customers, then you have a much better chance to transform web page visits to online sales. For more information on converting clicks to sales, please visit the web site.6







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