Use Healthy Pot Lucks, Combine Fun with Sound Nutrition

Warrior House News | By Dana Gore
Posted: 24/03/2015 03:03GMT | Updated: 5 years ago

When you want to make a change for the better in life, it’s common for most of us to automatically associate this with things like compromise and restriction…and when this is the mindset that accompanies a decision to alter a behavior, it’s easy to want to give up before we have even gotten started.

So on that note, I’d like to make a suggestion that will make healthy eating a fun and exciting social event that you’ll look forward to.

Attend (or Start) A Healthy Pot Luck

Pot lucks are not only a great way to hold a social gathering that alleviates a lot of the work for the host, but it also encourages each of the guests to get involved by delving into their own creative nature.

One of the first steps you want to take to make this a reality is to do a search in your area for any local groups participating in healthy living and see if they hold pot lucks. If you happen to find one, sign up and attend the next event.

Most organizers understand that when someone is new, they may not know how to create complicated dishes right away. A fruit salad or regular salad can work as a starting dish until you become better acquainted with how to create more elaborate recipes.

Another idea is to involve any groups you are currently in to hold a healthy pot luck and ask a few other people to help get it organized. Start with a small group if this is a more comfortable way to ease yourself into the process and build from there. Combine fun with good nutrition.

Look to include fresh, natural ingredients and browse through recipes of healthier versions of dishes you enjoy. Keep things realistic in regard to your budget, schedule and level of expertise.

If you have children, this type of event will serve as a way to bring good habits into their lives in a manner they’ll feel excited about. You’ll get to know their friends, along with their parents.

Attending a healthy pot luck will serve to expand your horizons and make well-being a fun and enjoyable experience.

Regardless of time, budget or “know how”, consider adding this to your social calendar as soon as possible. Get started and go have fun with it.

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