Author name: Sankar
Warriors of Life Episode 5 Millicent Stephenson
October 26, 2014

Music Teacher and artist Millicent Stephenson travels to various venues to skilfully play the saxophone to eager audiences. She has also released an EP entitled “This is Life.” Join Perly-May to learn more on Warriors Of Life.


Warriors Of Life is a free inspirational talk show hosted by Perly-May and Joseph Opare, dealing with issues pertaining to Spiritual Development (Christianity), Business, Health and Fitness. Hear the testimonies, get advice, wisdom, knowledge, understanding and inspiration on a show that’s tailored to suit a new generation of  hungry people who want to rise in the challenges of life. There’s nothing like hearing what others have been through to get where they are to make you say, “If they can do it, so can I.” So watch, grow, enjoy and become the”Warrior of Life” you were always meant to be!

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